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White Label for Planado


White Label allows you to place Planado web application on your own domain, as well as to publish a mobile application under your brand and logo.

The offer is suitable for companies with a large client base and a recognisable brand. You can get a separate system that can be customised exactly for your business and that will be totally under your control. 

What are the advantages? 

The system is ready and debugged. No from-scratch-development costs are needed. We are working on updates and improvements.

Planado has an API for integration with other systems.

There is an opportunity to create a personal Planado account for each contractor, where their employees can be managed and the licenses distributed. You will manage your license and payment quotas yourself.

The system provides auto-withdrawal of the general account from all the licenses used by employees and contractors.

How do I join White Label?

Send a request to the


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