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New fields in a job description


You can now add your own fields to the job description if the standard fields are not sufficient. The worker will see these fields in the “additional" section of the "job" tab.

Three types of additional fields are supported: text field, dictionary and file.

The file is saved in the application during synchronisation, so you can view it on your device even off-line. The file is opened by Android tools. For example, to view a pdf document, a worker's device must have an application that can open .pdf files.

Additional job fields are displayed starting from version 1.3 of Planado app for Android.


To create a job with additional fields in the description, you need to configure the job template. Add the required fields to the template, for example:

- Text field named "Order number”.

- Field of a “file" type with the name “invoice".

Jobs created with such a template will contain these fields.

The fields will be displayed in the job in the mobile application if they are filled in the web form of the job.


Additional job fields, like report fields, are custom_fields. To create a job with additional API job fields, create a job using a template that has such fields.

To transfer a file to a job field, when creating a job, specify the name of the field, the file name with the extension, and the base64 file contents:


"&custom_fields[0][name]=File field name" \

"&custom_fields[0][value][name]=my file.txt&custom_fields[0][value][base64_content]=SGVsbG8gd29ybGQhCg==" \



API Documentation


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